Tool bag "Pro" Pink

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Our tool bag Pro is a real space saver, of course in our favorite color pink.

Every tool can find its place with a maximum of flexibility.

Here you can easily stow and transport all your tools.

The handle is made of metal and is covered with foam.

The tool bag has a lare inner compartment with 14 loops. On the the front and back it offers a total of 5 storage compartments, 4 of them have velcro fastener and 2 are additional pockets on each side.

Tis means that you have everything in order and have a precise overview so that you have quick access to your tools.

There are 4 ruber feets on the underside of the bag for an non-slip stand.

The tool bag is of course not only suitable for your stylish pink tools, it is also for example, fpr your bakery items, for decorative items or for the items from your home nail studio.

So it is versatile and can become your daily companion.

Floor size: 43cm x 20cm

Material durable polyester fabric