Tool bag Pink Panda incl. tools Pink

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Our pink tool set "standard" will make the heart of any do-it-yourselfers beat faster.

The tool bag of the set let you stow your tools neatly in not time, has the dimension of a handbag and is in our favorit color pink.

The bag is made of a high-quality polyester fabric, which can even withstand even the most demanding uses without any problems.



Product information:

  • Handle length 23,5cm
  • Head measurements length 11,5cm, width 4cm
  • Rubberized shaft for ergonomic work 14cm
  • Claw for pulling out nails 2,6cm x 3,4 cm
  • Diameter impact area 2,5cm
  • Shank material: fiberglass
  • Weight 200g
  • Total length 28cm

Needle-nosed pliers
Product information:

  • Length total 15cm
  • Rubberized and fluted grip surface
  • Solid processing

Open-end wrench
Product information:

  • 2 hexagon wrenches in 6mm and 8mm integrated in the handle part
  • Ring-mouth wrench of size 15 at the end of the handle
  • Open-end wrench adjustable up to 225mm
  • Stylish design with full flexibility
  • Rubberized, ergonomic handle

Insulating tape
Product information:

  • Colour Black
  • For repairing damaged cable ducts, as well as for marking work

Notepad with pen
Product information:

  • Ideal for shopping lists, sketches, to record measurements or thoughts
  • Spiral stitching
  • Pen holder
  • Water repellent cover
  • Size DIN A6

Bit-Set “Panda-Style”

Product information:

  • Panda” bit holder
  • Egg as an original storage medium
  • 8 gold-plated bits
  • PH0, PH1, PH2 , SL3 , SL4,5, SL6,0, U6,0 , AWL