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Pure Pink Your Style


It all started with a tape measure, a hammer and a set of screwdrivers, so our name missfixx was born. Missfixx is composed of the german word miss (imperative for measure) and the English word to fix for repair/attach and stands for colorful DIY, whether at work or at home, there are no limits to your individuality.

We deliberately chose the color pink, because the color has a special luminosity, stands for trust in Korea and radiates diversity in color meaning. This is also what we want to give you, be as diverse and special as you want to be. #diversity

And by the way: the color pink is by no means just a color for girls or women, until the 1940s the color was rather a “man’s color” and we want to clean up that fact, because pink is there for everyone and we love it very much.

„It is society that makes a color, defines it, gives it meaning.“ – Michel Pastoureau


missfixx consists of a small family team and is a brand of Löb & Geißbauer GbR.


Our office is located in the picturesque middle Franconia surrounded by vineyards and pure nature, which make our premises a place where you can feel comfortable, be creative and concentrate.

By the way: Thanks to our flexible home office concept, we simply save a lot of CO2 emissions related to mobility.

Also with our packaging we have already taken steps towards sustainability, because our shipping packaging consists of recycled paper which can be fed back into the cycle without problems, we try to avoid unnecessary plastic in our shipping processes where possible.


Our tools are made of durable materials and are therefore ready for your daily DIY use.

Make your life a little pink, because grey could everybody.